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Lake Cuomo, Italy

Bruce and Tram – travelling together since 1997 …

A small selection of our photographs are also available for viewing on TUMBLR and Flickr.  In addition, we have a Rugby-in-Infrared Twitter page at @LeMcKernanImage.

Kindly note that all photographs featured are ( © ) copyright protected and are ‘All Rights Reserved’.  Every image is registered with the US Copyright Office  before it is published online.  If you have questions or would like to request permission for usage, please contact

In addition, you will note that there are no advertisements, no sponsored links, and not even  a Facebook LIKE button on this site.  This website is set up for us to share our travel experiences.  Furthermore, all of our travels are fully financed by ourselves.  As such, the opinions/ viewpoints/ recommendations/ critiques on this website are wholly our own and are not influenced by commercial interests.

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Thank you & enjoy!

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Equipment list is available here.

Travel timeline is available here.

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    Thank you all for your comments. To those who’ve asked about the mechanics about the website, I’ve emailed you directly and privately.

    But, in case anyone else is interested, we used as the software is free and is open sourced. Furthermore, many of the blog sites that we read/admire also use WordPress. The installation is fairly simple and the changeable themes give a lot of optionality. The theme we selected is Modularity Lite. On the whole, we’re quite happy with the stability, availability and support from WordPress.

    Hope the above information helps!

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    September 14, 2012 at 11:35 AM

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